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The Smartest Way to Retrieve Health Records

Correlate Health Medical Records Retrieval & Specialist Services platform provides a faster and more efficient way to access clinical data from thousands of healthcare providers and organizations.  

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Gain critical insights into the global clinical trial landscape.

We are actively seeking patient referrals for our clinical trial partners.  


Access Aggregated Health Data

Obtain a holistic view of each patient by accessing and exchanging clinical records.

01. Search Network and Import

Submit the basic demographic information to identify the care sites that have the clinical records on a particular patient.   


Provide the patient consent and medical records are automatically imported electronically from 3rd party EMR systems into your Correlate Health portal.

02. Chart Review

Access the patient's chart and review a complete set of medical records from multiple care sites to inform patient care.

In almost one in seven visits, clinical information is missing. When clinical data is available, providers can offer more informed treatment decisions, avoid duplicate testing, and build long-term relationships with patients.

03. Healthcare Analytics

Social Determinants of Health Improve Health Outcomes (SDOH). The SDOH data allows providers and care teams to gain a deeper understanding of their patients' health drivers, address care barriers, and refine their treatment plans.


Teams Can Access






Care Sites

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Correlate Health, Inc., is a digital health company that focuses on the development, acquisitions, and investments of healthcare meaningful use applications, web services, and data transformation tools. 

Promoting Interoperability Program (formerly Meaningful Use) is a national initiative to implement information technology for the ultimate purpose of improving patient care.

Correlate® is a secure HIPAA compliant platform built to benefit both patients and healthcare teams. 


Correlate provides a complete digital health management marketplace to serve healthcare organizations, patients, and care teams all within one platform.


Correlate Health gives stakeholders the tools they need to retrieve valuable health data instantly and seamlessly. 

Healthcare providers and care teams can retrieve the patient healthcare data they need for the continuity of care and to streamline their workflow.


Patients and healthcare consumers have a faster and more efficient way to access their electronic health records in real-time. 

Remote patient monitoring (RPM), decision-making tools, patient-facing apps, device management, media assets for patient education, and more – all at your fingertips!


Correlate Health’s provides access to authorized data from thousands of vendors instantly with our APIs and SaaS. 


Correlate can facilitate reviews of medical records, medication reconciliation, review systems, and triage. 


With a seamless retrieval system, physicians and care teams can examine complete medical records of their patients in advance of an appointment.

Data is securely stored on HIPAA compliant platform, reducing the storage and technical burden on the customer. ​

CMS approved CPT codes for remote patient monitoring (RPM) enables fast provider reimbursement.

Use Cases

Use Cases

The Correlate platform allows care teams to retrieve their patients' EMR records instantly for treatment purposes.



Telehealth providers can onboard patients and review historical health records for care and intake.



Clinical Research Organizations can retrieve candidates medical history, diagnoses, treatment plans, medication records, laboratory and other test results.



Analyze your patients' clinical and medication histories to find effective, cost-efficient therapy alternatives.

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Care Coordination

Maintain updated and actionable clinical records for each provider treating the same patient.

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