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Correlate Health Medical Records Retrieval platform "Correlate" enables providers to instantly retrieve records electronically from over 70,000+ connected care sites, 750,000+ providers and 300+ million patients.  Our network now represents 92% of the overall healthcare market and growing.

Correlate facilitates faster retrieval, documentation management, and electronic storage of medical records in accordance with HIPAA regulations.  And does it all seamlessly within our platform to save your team valuable time and money.



Correlate enables providers to make more informed decisions based on your aggregated health data. Through our provider partner network you gain access to online telehealth consultations, second opinions, medical marijuana cards, lifestyle coaching, and online advice from medical experts.

Medical Records Retrieval

Correlate Health’s Medical Records Retrieval services ensure secure access to pertinent health care data.  Whether you are a patient or provider, we provide you immediate access to the medical records that you need for continuity of care.  We retrieve medical records from various health care providers and multiple healthcare vendors you have visited, out of state  physician’s offices, or hospitals.  All of these requests follow health privacy and HIPAA regulations.

Second Opinion Evaluations

A Second Opinion Evaluation connects patients with physicians who specialize in the area of their health concern. Specialists are readily available to help patients make informed decisions. There are many benefits to getting a second opinion, such as peace of mind, confirmation of an existing diagnosis, or alternative or complimentary treatment options. An independent second opinion from a highly-trained professional is beneficial to both patients and families.

Medical Malpractice Case Review

Medical malpractice case reviewers are healthcare specialist who provide unbiased opinions regarding medical diagnosis and treatment procedures, concerns about the standard of care provided, and whether there has been medical negligence or a violation of medical standards. The medical expert in this type of review of medical records will have access to the physician's medical records as well as other documentation to form an opinion regarding the treatment provided.

TeleHealth Consultations

Telehealth Consultations are available through our partner network. Accessibility has made virtual visits increasingly popular. Services include Second Opinions, Medical Marijuana Cards, Lifestyle Coaching, and Online Medical Advice. As part of a telehealth visit, a provider will need access to patient's health records in order to diagnose and address the patient's symptoms and medical history. CorrelateHealth provides easy, secure access to our patients' health records so that our providers always have the latest information. 

Legal Nurse Consultations

Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) provide patients, attorneys, healthcare systems, insurance companies, and other stakeholders with expertise in interpreting and analyzing medical records. A legal nurse prepares an evaluation and summary using the nursing process to evaluate complex information. Review the Medical Professional Standards of Practice. The LNC bridges the knowledge gap between the legal process, medical information, and patient outcomes.  

 Clinical Trials and Research  

Correlate Health provides information about the latest clinical trials. Clinical trials and research benefit from access to clinical trial participants' medical records. Having access to this data before, during, and after a clinical trial is essential. Medical records are often incomplete or difficult to obtain and recruiting patients can be a challenge for the industry. Continuity of care is ensured when patients have access to medical records. To participate in a clinical trial you must meet the eligibility criteria. 

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