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Correlate Health Medical Records Retrieval platform enables providers to instantly retrieve records electronically from over 70,000+ connected care sites, 750,000+ providers and 200+ million patients.  Our network now represents 92% of the overall healthcare market and growing.

Correlate Health’s professional services provided by our Medical Records Retrieval Specialist Service facilitates your needs for medical record retrieval, documentation management, and electronic storage of medical records accordance with HIPAA rules and regulations.  And does it all seamlessly within our platform to save your team valuable time and money.


Medical Records Retrieval

Correlate Health’s Medical Records Retrieval services ensure secure access to pertinent health care data.  Whether you are a patient or provider, we provide you immediate access to the medical records that you need for continuity of care.  We retrieve medical records from various health care providers and multiple healthcare vendors you have visited, out of state  physician’s offices, or hospitals.  All of these requests follow health privacy and HIPAA regulations.

Second Opinion Evaluations

Second Opinion Evaluations connect patients with physicians who specialize in the area specific to their health needs.  Specialists are readily available so patients can make educated decisions about their health care and treatment plan.  Whether a doctor recommends surgery, makes a cancer diagnosis, or identifies a rare disease, there are many benefits to getting a second opinion, such as peace of mind or a confirmation of diagnosis along with an alternative or complimentary treatment plan.

TeleHealth Consultations

Telehealth Consultations happen through our on-demand service which matches patients with a physician who is currently online.  Virtual visits are growing in popularity because they increase access to care.  When a provider consults with a patient during a telehealth visit, they will need access to the patient’s health records to properly diagnose and assess the patient’s symptoms and history.  We provide easy, secure access, so the provider always has access to the latest health data. 

 Clinical Trials and Research  

 Medical records are a valuable source of data for clinical trials and research, so having access to a clinical trial’s participants’ medical history before, during, and throughout the various stages of the study is important.  The industry faces challenges both in patient recruitment and obtaining a high-level of completeness of medical records.  We provide patients and healthcare consumers and with access to their medical records for the continuity of care.  We also share information on clinical trials. 

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