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Correlate Health provides access to medical records from various healthcare providers.  Our priority is your need to access this valuable data, as gathering data from multiple health vendors can be complex. 

Correlate provides you a faster and more efficient way to obtain clinical data from thousands of vendors, thus improving quality of care and enabling informed care and sustainable doctor-patient relationships.​

Our seamless process gives you immediate access to the clinical data you need for continuity of care, like medications, allergies, lab results, past procedures, and most recent encounters in real-time to triage patients with speed and accuracy.

​Having timely access to medical information can be a matter of Life or Death in some instances, especially for patients with a comprehensive medical history.  Medical information contained in records can be critical to patient safety and improve outcomes. 

​Correlate also provides several other specialist services, such as telehealth consultations, second opinion evaluations with healthcare specialist, and we share information on clinical trials that you may be eligible to participate in.  Before you can join a clinical trial, you must meet the requirements (eligibility criteria).

Correlate Health aims to raise awareness and improve clinical trial participation.  If you are interested in learning more about a clinical trial listed on our site.  We strongly recommend that you consult with your healthcare provider or contact our coordinators via email: info@correlatehealth.com.

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