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LooPT CTM Pilot Partnership
Let's Join Forces! 

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We invite forward-thinking organizations to become esteemed pilot partners and play a pivotal role in reshaping the future of clinical research and health care. We extend this exclusive offer to partner with us and our cutting-edge LooPT CTM, an integrated AI-EHR solution. We are particularly interested in collaborating with partners who share our commitment to advancing health equity and pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Are You Our Next Partner?

Interested In Digital Health Innovations, Patient-Centric Solutions and

Advancing Health Equity in Clinical Trials and Research.

Pharma and MedTech Leaders

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies at the forefront of drug development and innovative medical technology, keen on integrating groundbreaking technologies for precise clinical trial recruitment, contributing to the advancement of personalized medicine, innovative treatments, and clinical research. 

Clinical Research Organizations

CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) and CRSs (Clinical Research Sites)  dedicated to revolutionizing clinical trial recruitment landscape, driving medical advancements, and elevating both patient and clinician user experiences with our comprehensive 360-degree clinical trial management system that offers a holistic clinical trial experience.

Healthcare Organizations and Private Physician Practices

Healthcare Organizations and Physicians committed to improving patient outcomes, are interested in adopting innovative technologies for streamlined operations and enhanced clinical efficiency. Forward-looking practices desiring to contribute to medical advancements and elevate patient care through personalized and more efficient clinical trial recruitment.

Patient Advocacy Groups and Empowered Patients

Patient Advocacy Groups and Empowered Patients dedicated to advancing healthcare and improving their access to care with LooPT Health Wallet. LooPT provides patients with access, education, and engagement of their personal aggregated health information for better health data management and improved patient care and outcomes. 

Why Partner with Correlate Health?

Streamlined Operations, Accelerated Clinical Trial Recruitment, and Personalized Patient Experiences.

Personalized Direct-to-Patient Clinical Trial Invitations (IP)

What sets us apart is our distinctive proprietary approach, leveraging health wallets and patient portals to deliver direct clinical trial invitations. LooPT CTM and LooPT Health Wallet enhances the clinical trial experience by providing patients and key stakeholders with a more comprehensive and efficient clinical trial management solution.

Precision Recruitment Strategies Advanced AI and EHR Integration

Fundamental to our recruitment strategy is advanced AI and EHR integration, where we precisely match patient populations' health data to clinical trial inclusion/exclusion criteria. Our proprietary algorithm ensures superior precision in our patient invitation process. This contributes to a reduction in the screen failure rates.

Cost-Effective Technology Enabling 
Streamlined & Efficient Operations

Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are key pillars of our approach. Our solution is designed to lower recruitment costs, boost participation rates, reduce screen failures, and improve retention rates. Through personalized clinical trial invitations, seamless patient consent, and notifications integrated into pre-screened patient care plans, we ensure a comprehensive and efficient strategy.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
Patient Education & Engagement

Our diverse leadership team of experts is dedicated to advancing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in clinical trials. When you partner with us, you actively contribute to innovative strategies and D&I initiatives. We recruit diverse patient populations through personalized clinical trial invitations, enhanced D&I patient education, and engagement, for more comprehensive clinical trial support.

LooPT CTM is a 360-degree platform that facilitates the connection of key stakeholders, including clinical trial sponsors, principal investigators, healthcare providers, patients, and regulatory authorities.
A comprehensive collaborative platform that enhances communication, streamlines processes, and elevates the entire clinical trial journey and patient experience.
With LooPT, your trials are not merely conducted, they are personalized, and orchestrated with precision and collaboration, ensuring success at every stage.

LooPT Health Wallet

Access Patient Data 

Personalized Precision Clinical Trial Recruitment 

Direct-to-Patient (IP)

Clinical Trial Invitations

Patient Education & Engagement

Key Features

Correlate Health Stands Out In The Marketplace
with Our LooPT 360-Degree Proprietary Solution.


Enhanced Patient Experience 

A personalized clinical trial experience with improved patient access, education, engagement, and support.


Precision Recruitment

Advanced AI for precise and efficient pre-screening, leading to a reduction in screening failure rates.


Accelerated Clinical Trials 

Streamlined processes,  targeted recruitment, and personalized direct-to-patient trial invitations.


Advanced-Data Science

Data analytics, reporting, and metrics for clinical researchers, empowering informed decision-making and predictive modeling.


Public Health 

D&I Metrics and reporting highlighting contributions to public health and advancing health equity.

Are you Ready to Transform Your Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategy? 

with LooPT CTM 


Full API Integration

LooPT offers Full API Integration, enabling seamless connectivity and enhanced functionality, streamlined data exchange, personalized user experiences, and advanced analytics, our API integration empowers organizations to optimize its services.

User Experience

Elevate patient engagement with LooPT's seamless user experience. From AI-powered education prompts to real-time answers and personalized content, LooPT delivers an intuitive interface that empowers users to make informed decisions about their health and clinical trials.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

Leverage LooPT's advanced analytics and reporting to gain valuable data-driven insights into user behavior, preferences, and health interests. Make informed decisions, and refine healthcare practices and clinical trial recruitment strategies for improved health outcomes.

Scalable System

The "Scalable" feature of LooPT ensures that our platform can seamlessly grow and adapt alongside your organization's evolving needs. Whether you're expanding your user base or adding new functionalities we accommodate your growing healthcare ecosystem.

Time Saving

The "Time-Saving" feature of LooPT empowers healthcare providers by streamlining patient education and information delivery, significantly reducing the time required for manual processes. Healthcare professionals can efficiently provide evidence-based answers to patients' health questions, saving valuable time and enabling them to focus more on personalized patient care.

Notifications and Automations

The "Notifications and Automation" feature of LooPT enables personalized automation communication with patients. With automated reminders, personalized clinical trial notifications, and targeted educational prompts, LooPT ensures timely and relevant information reaches patients, empowering them to stay engaged in their healthcare journey and make informed decisions about their well-being.

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